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Volgograd State Medical University is located in Volgograd which is situated in the southern part of Russia on the west bank of the Volga River. It started as Stalingrad Medical Institute founded in 1935. In 1993 it got the status of the Academy, and in 2003 it was granted the status of the University. It is currently headed by the prominent Russian scientist, Academician of the Russian Academy for Medical Sciences, Professor Vladimir I. Petrov. The University is accredited by the Russian Ministry for Education for the teaching of both Russian and overseas students. It boasts of highly qualified teaching staff, advanced researchers, and experienced physicians. The University has been training international students since 1962. Since 2000 the Volgograd State Medical University has got an opportunity to teach foreign students in the English language.

The University started as Stalingrad Medical Institute founded in 1935. In 1993 it got the status of the Academy, and in 2003 it was granted the status of the University. The University is currently headed by the prominent Russian scientist, Academician of the Russian Academy for Medical Sciences, Professor Vladimir I. Petrov. The Volgograd State Medical University is an active participant in a number of international projects promoting medical research and clinical practice. This accounts for a genuine interest in the activities of the University on the part of government officials of various countries. It has recently been visited by the ambassadors of the USA, Malaysia, India, the People’s Republic of China, Brunei, Bangladesh, etc., top officials of Medical and Dental Councils of different countries.
The Volgograd State Medical University has built up relationships with a number of foreign universities – the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (USA), Albert Ludwigs Universitaet (Freiburg, Germany), Martin-Luther Halle-Wittenberg Universitaet (Germany), Belgian, French, Chinese universities, etc. This collaboration has been fostering the advance of medical science in such fields as family medicine, poison control, family planning, and reproductive health, arterial hypertension, epidemiology, tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment, pharmacology, pharmacy, etc. One of the latest developments is the newly set up Russian-American Family Practice Clinic which is a unique clinic of this type in the whole of the south of Russia. The University has been collaborating with the World Federation for Medical Education, with the World Health Organisation (WHO), with UNESCO, with the British Council, with the United States Agency for International Development, with the American International Health Alliance, and participating in a wide range of joint international research projects.

Highlights of Volgograd State Medical University, Russia

Degree offered MD Physician (Equivalent to MBBS in India)
Course duration 5.8 Years
Teaching Medium English Medium
Medical University Approved by NMC & WHO


  • General Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pediatrics
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Biochemistry
  • Social Work and Clinical Psychology
  • Postgraduate and Continuous Education
  • Preparatory Course
If you decide to study at the VolSMU, you will make the right choice. The advantages of such a decision are:
  • wide range of possibilities;
  • the experienced and attentive faculties;
  • broad exposure to clinical practice;
  • reasonable tuition fees and hostel accommodation prices.

The Volgograd State Medical University has given rise to a number of research and methodological schools and centers. They are the Volgograd Branch of the Russian Academy for Medical Sciences doing advanced research in the field of pharmacology, Research Institute of Rheumatology, the Regional Cardiology Centre, the Regional Urology Centre, etc.


The College of General Medicine and the College of Dentistry has been a hot favorite for most foreign students in recent times. They can opt to be trained either in English or Russian medium. However, all the foreign students are enrolled in the Russian language course to help them in their daily living and to interact with patients during their clinical course.

Undergraduate teaching is centered upon theoretical (lectures) and practical classes. Students are divided into several groups and each group consists of 7-8 students. This is very advantageous as it provides a better student-teacher interaction. In every class, students are accessed for their knowledge and after every major topic, they have to give a test (also known as concluding). At the end of the semester, students give a final exam to pass a particular subject. All the lectures, classes, and tests are organized on a departmental basis.

Postgraduate training is provided by different colleges of the University; it is available in the following areas: Allergology and Immunology, Cardiology, Clinical Pharmacology, Endocrinology, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Infectious Diseases, Maxillofacial Surgery, Neurology, Oncology, Surgical Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Orthodontics, Otolaryngology, Pathological Anatomy, Paediatrics, Phthisiology, Preventive Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Psychiatry, Pulmonology, Radiotherapy, Dermatology, ST Diseases, Social Hygiene and Public Health, Sports Medicine and Occupational Medicine, Pedodontics, Surgery of Children, Surgery, Therapy (Internal Medicine), Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Urology. There are 4 varieties of post-diploma training: Internship, Residency, and Postgraduate training for a Ph.D. The course of studies at the Internship is for 1 year. After graduation, the Specialization Certificate is provided. The course of studies at the Residency is 2 years. After graduation, the Specialist Certificate is provided. The course of studies at the Ph.D. is from 3 to 5 years. Following the thesis completion, the scientific degree Ph.D. (Medicine) is granted.

University campus:

The pre-clinical courses are provided at the 4 main buildings of the university while the clinical courses are provided at 15 multi-profile clinics equipped with up-to-date facilities. The main building houses a well-stocked library with over 700 000 books in different languages. International students can also get a lot of information from a variety of journals from the UK, US, Germany, and so on. To facilitate students the library works till 19:00 in the evening on weekdays. The university also provides free Internet service for all students. Students also have the opportunity to conduct research at the different departments of the university.


The University provides 3 hostels with most of the facilities for students. Most of these hostels house both Russian and international students. Due to a recent increase in the number of students the hostels are usually full, but however, the university houses a special accommodation service which provides students with comfortable flats to rent.

Sports, Social and Cultural facilities

The university has a department for physical training. It includes a gym, sports ground, and an indoor mini stadium. It also rents a swimming pool and a big stadium. During the first two years of study, it is compulsory for students to attend physical training after which they can opt for training in different sports. Every year the department conducts competitions for different sports. Other than that every year the Indian students and the Malaysian students conduct cricket and football tournaments respectively.

The many theatres, cinemas, concert halls, and museums located in the city make it possible for international students to learn and enjoy Russian culture. Every year the international students conduct their national cultural programs and functions, the famous one being – The Indian Voucher, conducted by the Indian students.

VolSMU admission: One intake in a year

  • Intake: June-October

VolSMU Recognition:

The Volgograd State Medical University is mainly recognized by the Ministry of Health and Education of Russia, NMC, World Health Organization, MMC, ECFMG (USA), Medical Councils of African, Arabian, Asian & European Countries, etc. VolSMU is listed in the top twenty Medical Universities of Russia.

Volgograd state medical university Ranking:

Country Rank: 158, World Rank: 4825. VolSMU is the first choice of foreign students as well as for Indian students for studying Medicine (MBBS) in Russia. According to the Indian Embassy Volgograd state medical university is in the top 20 list of Russian Government Medical Universities.

Volgograd State Medical University Fees:

The fees structure for 2021: click here 

Duration of Studying MBBS in VolSMU, Russia

  • The duration of the MBBS Course is 5.8 years for English Medium and 7 years for Russian Medium.

Eligibility Criteria for study MBBS at Volgograd State Medical University for Indians?

Eligibility criteria for study MBBS in VolSMU are based on your 12th standard marks or grades.

  • You should be at the age of 17 on or before 31st December during the current year of admission.
  • The student must have more than 50% marks in PCB in the 12th class.
  • NEET  (Qualified marks) is mandatory to study MBBS in VolSMU.
  • Only regular students can apply not from open school.

The admission process begins by you sending us the scanned copy of the documents listed below, for more details or free counseling consult Doctors-IEA authorized representative of VolSMU for Indian and Foreign students.

Documents required for study MBBS in Volgograd State Medical University  (For Indian Students)

  • Filled application form with fee guarantee letter.
  • Passport with a validity of a minimum of two years.
  • 10th, 12th Certificates, and mark-sheets.
  • 20  passport size photographs (35*45 mm @80% face at the matte finish paper with a white background.
  • Medical tests: HIV test, X-Ray Chest, Blood test, Health Fitness certificate.

For Other Countries: 

  • Filled application form with fee guarantee letter
  • Passport with a validity of a minimum of two years.
  • Secondary school certificate (English, Chemistry & Biology)
  • Medical tests: HIV test, X-Ray Chest, Blood test, Health Fitness certificate.
  • 20 Photos (passport size 35*45 mm at the matte paper)

We will get you the admission letter and invitation letter from the university. We will also guide you through the entire process and will complete all documentation including visa, ticket (for Indian students), For other countries aspirants, we will provide admission and invitation letter and will provide complete guidelines regarding visas, tickets. An incoming student enrolled through Doctors-IEA Team will receive by an official representative of VolSMU at Moscow airport or at Volgograd.

Volgograd City: 

Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad, is a city in southwest Russia, on the western bank of the Volga River. It was the site of WWII’s Battle of Stalingrad, commemorated by a huge statue, The Motherland Calls, part of the hilltop Mamayev Kurgan memorial complex. The Panorama Museum has a 360-degree painting of the battle, as well as weapons and artifacts. To the south, a large arch marks the Lenin Volga-Don Shipping Canal.

Frequently Asked Questions | MBBS Study in Russia | VolSMU

How much does MBBS cost in VolSMU, Russia?

Russia is one of the top choices for students aspiring for medical education abroad. This choice is not only based on the fact that Russia has a good literacy rate in the world but also because the cost of doing MBBS in Russia & VolSMU is quite affordable and low as compared to other Western countries and India as well.  The fee structure for VolSMU is 24-26 Lac INR for the full MBBS Course.

Is NEET required for MBBS in VolSMU, Russia?

Yes, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is made mandatory for all Indian students willing to pursue MBBS from Russia or VolSMU. The NMC has also made it quite clear that the NEET exam is essential for those aspirants who want to study MBBS from abroad. Hence the first and foremost step to secure a seat for MBBS in VolSMU Russia to sit for NEET and qualify it. Once you clear it, based on your NEET score you can join VolSMU, Russia.  VolSMU, Russia is one of the hotspots for Indian students in Russia.

What is the duration of an MBBS in VolSMU?

The duration for MBBS in VolSMU for Indian students is for 6 years (English Medium). It eliminates one year of internship that must be accomplished in India. This duration will be of 7 years if students opt to study MBBS in the Russian medium. Foreign students are not compelled to undergo one year of preparatory courses before they start the main medical course. Each year is divided into 2 semesters which makes it a total of 12 semesters. Each semester for five to six months. The first semester begins in September and concludes in January.

Is MBBS Study in Russia safe?

Unfortunately not every medical aspirant’s dream to become an MBBS doctor in India does not turn into reality. Hence several candidates choose to study MBBS in Russia. However, the first concern for both parents and students is safety and security. Russia is quite safe for Indian students who wish to do their medical course from NMC and WHO-approved medical university (Volgograd State Medical University). The crime rate is considerably low and there is no discrimination whatsoever with Indian students on the campus as well. So, Russia & city Volgograd is just not safe but the top destination for study MBBS abroad.

Is it a good choice to go to VolSMU for MBBS?

VolSMU, Russia is a dream choice for many students in India who want to do MBBS from abroad. There are several factors that make VolSMU, Russia a wise and advantageous option such as:

  • Direct admission, no entrance exam needed for Indian students.
  • You will get the opportunity to study MBBS course in full English Medium.
  • You need not pay any donation for admission as it is purely based on merit & as per university eligibility criteria.
  • The fees are quite affordable and low as compared to many Western and Indian medical colleges.
  • Hassle-free and online admission procedure.

Is an MBBS degree from VolSMU, Russia valid in India?

Yes, the MBBS degree from Volgograd State Medical University, Russia is absolutely valid and acceptable in India. The Russian medical universities are authorized and approved by WHO and UNESCO as well as by NMC. The degree is well-recognized and valid in different countries of the world as well. However, if you want to practice in India you must pass the NMC screening exam to get the license. It is mandatory for those students who have acquired their degrees from abroad to pass the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Exam) to pursue a job or medical practice in India.

How to get Direct MBBS Admission in VolSMU, Russia?

For admission procedure contact Doctors-IEA Team who is the official authorized representative of Volgograd State Medical University for Indians & International students. For more queries, you can call us at 1800-419-5827 (Toll-free) / +91-8010503035 (India) | +79515174507 (Russia).

Call for more details about the university, admission, processing, fees at MBBS in VolSMU, Russia:+91-8010503035, Toll-free 1800-419-5827