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Study in Russia as an international student explains why Russia is a great destination for students from around the world. Russia is the largest country in the world, covering over six million miles of land. Russia covers all of northern Asia and spans nine different time zones.  

Studying in Russia is a popular choice for international students with a wide variety of interests, be they literature, art, history, or Russian language studies. International students in Russia will receive a high quality education in a culturally diverse environment.

  •  Direct admission.
  •  No donation.
  •  World wide in russia
  •  Low course fee.
  •  Great palace to study.
  •  Friendly environment.
  •  Skilled teachers and staff.
  •  world class facilities.

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Few words about Russia: 

Russia is the largest country in the world and is situated in the two continents of the world: Europe and Asia. There are all climatic zones except the tropical one. Russian Federation has a large population. They speak different languages, but Russian is the most spoken one.

Students, who graduated from Russian Medical & Technical Universities are working in their native countries in Government jobs and in good private sector. A lot of graduates, who graduated from Russian Medical Universities, are working in foreign countries like USA, Canada, England etc.

It’s time to study in Russia!

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